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Me,You & Us-Youth - during Covid

During Covi, I have been very busy trying to stay connected to Me,You & Us-Youth a wonderful group of young people. I know there are many more I haven't meet yet and I long to connect and share together again soon.

I have been reaching out on facebook setting up chats on messenger and trying to keep spirits up!

Also  been busy delivering art kits to Sarnia,Aaajwinaang, Forest and Kettle & Stony Point. They include a copy of the Me,You & Us art book,and art supplies.

It is Late May and we still haven't been given a clear idea when we will be able to see eachother and create together again.

 Me,You & Us - Youth may you use this time to strengthen your connection to creative source which is the creator of all things.Spend time in reflection.Did creator create Covid? if so what are we meant to learn.? I am asking Creator to help me learn the lessons I need at this time.

Realizing I have been granted so many gifts. The gift of tears to cleanse away pain and lonliness. The gifts of missing all the beautiful people I know and love.I admit I mourn my connection to people,the hugs,group laughter and tears. I have time to reflect on my longing and know the blessing of community. Yet in isolation I can put effort into growing stronger,taking care of my body, slowing down-breathing in Love and breathing out Peace,praying for healing of Spirit,Humanity and Earth,carefully feeding my soul with good things like song, books and be conscious and full of joy connecting to this amazing gift of earth. You have time to be creative and connect to your own creative wonder that is in you and only you,use it wisely it is a gift.

Breathing in... "Be Here Now" enjoy this moment it is all we have and it is all we ever had.

Be peaceful friends.

With Kindness Suellen




Together creating community of compassion

Such wonderful people

we have such a supportive community of friends

#RBCLchallenge #FutureLaunch #CCGP.

Me,You & You-Youth

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